Brand Style Guide

Color Swatches

HRVA Blue HEX: #173470
CMYK: 100, 90, 28,15
RGB: 23, 52,112
HRVA Light Blue HEX: #6292de
CMYK: 61, 36, 0, 0
RGB: 98, 146, 222
HRVA Green HEX: #20827f
CMYK: 83, 31, 51, 8
RGB: 32, 130, 127
HRVA Red-Orange HEX: #c1360f
CMYK: 17, 91, 100, 8
RGB: 193, 54, 15
HRVA Black HEX: #1d1d1d
CMYK: 72, 66, 65, 76
RGB: 29, 29, 29

Logo Guidelines

General Guidelines
We take great pride in our logo! So if the logo is not listed here, we kindly ask you do not use it. All approved HR Virginia Logos are above, available to download.

As an affiliate of SHRM, the SHRM Affiliate Logo must appear beside the HR Virginia Logo in all media. Please click this link to view and download SHRM Affiliate Logos and brand assets:

Specific Guidelines

Logo + Logomark
The HR Virginia logomark should always appear in HRVA Blue, HRBA Light Blue, and HRVA Red-Orange with any accompanying logotype set to either white or HRVA Black — whichever provides better contrast.

Background Colors/Images
Please do not place the logo on clashing colors or overly textured/patterned backgrounds or images. We recommend using white or neutral backgrounds as much as possible. If it’s unavoidable to place the logo on a non-preferred color or background, please use the negative logo, and pick the clearest area of the background image/color.

Logo Spacing
Always give the logo some space to breathe. Please ensure no element, other than our logo icon and tagline, is encroaching on this space.

Logo Altering + Size
While vector formats are provided for your specific production needs, we ask that you do not alter any paths or spatial relationships within the logo artwork when representing HR Virginia’s brand. This includes but is not limited to: rotating the logo; adding embellishments like drop-shadows, embossings, etc.; resizing the logo enough to create distortion. The logo must be clear to read and a minimum size of 1in/60px.

Web Use
Because our logotype utilizes mixed weights and heavy character spacing, we discourage “live type” representations of our logo. SVGs and PNGs for web use are provided above.

NOTE: For HR VIRGINIA Annual Conference Logos,  please DOWNLOAD HERE

Font Specifications

Klinic Slab

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