Conference Countdown: Recharge

We are a week into April, so HR Virginia is in countdown mode for our annual state conference. Keeping with the theme, here is an overview of concurrent sessions that will go along with the first theme of the conference: Recharge.

Employees everywhere, including HR professionals, spent three solid years in continuous crisis mode. Burnout is everywhere, and HR professionals are tasked with managing the mental health of our organizations while also grappling with our own mental health – trying to stay strong for others while remembering to take care of ourselves.  This year’s conference includes many sessions geared specifically towards mental health and wellness, trauma response, connection, and burnout. Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss:

  • Finding Power, Progress, & Purpose in Our Work – Becky Lakin – The Giving Wall  We all want a better HR everywhere. One where we are problem-led explorers who uncover intersectional solutions. Where we live, what we lead and do what we say. Where HR leaders are just as important as those leading profit centers. Where leading corporate citizenship is a given because it’s well-understood that a thriving future requires the humans inside companies to co-create it. Where HR team members are empowered, inspired, and positive. Where all employees find critical mentorship and guidance. If HR is the department dedicated to protecting, promoting, educating, and empowering an organization’s greatest asset, then we must live it — and our department be designed for it too.  In this workshop we discuss and create that future.


  • Peace Index: A Five-Part Framework to Conquer Chaos and Find Fulfillment – Steve Perky – Digital Age Leader, LLC  How do we as leaders obtain peace internally if there is no peace externally? And how do we pass the hope of peace to those we lead? This session reveals the 5-part framework you can use to find focus, clarity, and peace in the midst of a chaotic world; how to leverage powerful visual tools to get on track to living the life you’ve always wanted; how to identify the crucial gaps in your wellbeing and learn how to make progress in developing them; and rediscover your purpose.


  • Resilience Building Against Trauma in Human Resources – Dr. Shanna B Tiayon – Wellbeing Works, LLC  The role of HR professionals places them at the center of organizational challenges, interpersonal conflicts, and extreme pressure, which can result in trauma. Most HR departments are not equipped to safeguard against trauma or respond to it when it occurs. This session provides practical insights and tools for HR departments to build resilience structures that prevent and respond to trauma experienced as an HR professional.


  • Getting Back to Basics: Have We Made Connection Too Hard? – Alicia Turner – North Compass Solutions, LLC  HR professionals are burning out from transforming organizations in a climate of systemic issues.  Acknowledging differences and preventing discrimination is challenging work.  Yet, it’s also exciting to consider the opportunities for innovation that abound.  But have we focused our DEI initiatives too narrowly?  Are we missing opportunities to connect with every employee?  Let’s explore how to realistically create inclusive environments and achieve true team engagement.


  • Help Your Team Play Well With Others – Christina Landes – HR Reliance  Wouldn’t it be great to figure out the formula for team success?  When everyone understands their Working Geniuses (and Frustrations) the whole team will experience increased productivity and morale, and less burnout.  People will show up to work happier, be more effective, and YES – play well with others!   During this interactive session, Christina Landes will introduce The 6 Types of Working Genius model from Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group that has transformed organizations around the world by changing the way they work together.  It’s easy to understand, quick to apply, and will change your life and work! Participants will learn how to transform work for people by: 1. Identifying why some types of work give joy and energy and others are draining and difficult. 2. Learning how to avoid making unfair and inaccurate judgements about one another’s motivation.  3. Discovering how to make quick and concrete adjustments to roles and responsibilities to get more done in less time.


  • Finding Your Happiness – Cynthia Anne Battino – Transformational Healing  This session will focus on Happiness Skills, Happiness Myths, and Happiness Truths, giving you insight to shift your views about whether happiness is attainable and what action steps you can take to achieve greater happiness. It’s entertaining and informative.

In addition to these sessions, there will be sessions covering resistance to change, emotional intelligence, using humor to strengthen workplace relationships, active listening, digital distractions, the post-pandemic return to work, and many more topics that relate back to mental wellbeing and the need to recharge.

For a full conference schedule and descriptions of all keynote and concurrent sessions, click here.

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